Michael W Smith I Know Your Name Chords Capo No

Em          D              Asus2
Who is the you that no one else can see
          Em           D        Asus2
In your heart, the  lonely one afraid to be
      Em/G          Bsus2
Lost again, need a friend  

Em             D              Asus2
You hide your soul to keep the hurt inside
      Em          D            Asus2
All alone, your tears call out into the night
      Em/G           Bsus2
Is He there, does He care 

        G          D
Yes, I know your name
      Asus2       Bm
Every prayer you pray
         G         D                Asus   
I'm the one who brought you to this place
                G       D
The Voice Who sings to you
               Asus2     Bm
The Hand that clings to you
        G            D              Asus2               Em
Oh my child, I've always known your name... known your name

D Asus2     Em  D  Asus2

Em           D          Asus2       
I hold you close to me, close to heart
          Em                D          Asus2
And this kind of love will find you anywhere you are
      Em/G       Bsus2
Never fear, I am here
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